Dust Settles

worn things are lovely 
companionable, honest
their leather cracks and faded buttercup yellows
are voices, predictable and cautionary
do you want to be like me? i am more dust than steel
they say
i am dented where you are strong
i am rust where you are flash

but my cigar box with the label stained and blurred
tells its story slyly, just before i nod to sleep
perhaps so that i miss it, so that i forget
i've been here longer than you, it whispers through the darkness
i've held your precious things, your watch and ripped photos and tin whistle
you drew on me when you dreamed and now i am history
and should you forget me, i will find new secret places between bricks and under the bed
for i am a vessel, and you are only an instrument
who will cherish you?

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